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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Mom and Pop and the "Dog with Issues"

Pop to Mom [shaking his head]: You fall more in love with that dog every day.

Mom [with a helpless shrug]: Yes, I do.

Pop to dog: Peasy, where's your bear? Go get your bear! Bring me your bear! 


Dorothy Laage said...

Yep. OJ and his feral brother, Ow have stolen my heart, too.

Linda Roth said...

Is the dog too much dog for you? Is the dog more dog than people? Is the dog still in puppydum? Does the dog have t
O much personality? You write like you care for the dog, but he does not fit into your lifestyle. If not, he isn’t the dog for you and you are not the right people for him. Temperaments are too different. You have to act in the best interest of the dog. You have had him long enough to make the right decision. Maybe too long. Separation will be painful for both of you. I think you already know all this.

P. J. Grath said...

Hi, Linda and Dorothy. Peasy is more dog than we need, but he settles down more every day, and we are talking about how to incorporate him into our Michigan life.