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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Be Careful What You Sign Up For

When my son was still very young, imagining convivial meetings where persons of similar interests would gather to listen to and discuss their favorite music, he signed up for a certain “record club,” which shall not herein be further identified. What a rude disappointment when he discovered that the only activities of the club were to be his receiving and paying for the monthly selection! “The club isn’t nearly as much fun as I thought it would be,” he observed sadly.

Years later my husband reached the age when he was eligible to join a very large, well-known and powerful association promising many discounts to its members. The unwelcome consequence was a flood of junk mail stuffing the post office box day after day.

Not long ago someone suggested that I join a certain online organization because I would find the discussions interesting. Well, unhappily for me, this group does not conduct conversation on a website but via e-mail, and the majority of these e-mails seem to be conducted in “reply all” mode, with all previous correspondence on the subject still attached. Help! I’m drowning! I need to unsubscribe asap—if only I can figure out how!

There are times when un-joining a club is much more exciting than joining. The thing is, relinquishing membership usually takes a lot longer. Sigh!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

And one more thing--

One STANDS on a PODIUM. One places lecture notes, sermon, book, etc. on a LECTERN. If you're trying to stand on a lectern, you're riding for a fall, and if you try to rest your arms on a podium while you're speaking, you'll be lying on the stage floor, and you'll look pretty funny.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Glimpses Near Home

There are beautiful things happening in my front yard if you look close 

...and looking closely in the woods yields surprises, too.

Along with the new, however, there is still the old from last year,
beautiful in its own way.

And all these could have gone on my photo blog, if I didn't have
something else going on there today....

Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Winter Garments of Repentance

Begin with a warm coat. Forget the ski jacket. You want a coat that goes at least down to your knees, and it must have a lining. Pockets are essential--
the deeper the better.

Heavy barn coat with warm lining and deep pockets

But on the coldest days even a long coat isn't enough. 
You need leggings 
(over cozy, drawstring exercise pants 
over your jeans over your tights).

Keeping hands warm is important. 
You can't keep your hands in your pockets outdoors and get very far, 
so good, heavy, lined gloves are a must.

Then there are the days when a little cap isn't enough--
not if you're going to stay outdoors any length of time at all. 
That's when you throw all concern for fashion out the window and-- 
dress like a lumberjack! 
This wool helmet is fleece lined and has earflaps and a fold-down forehead visor.

Wool helmet and warm scarf
Face mask
David thinks my face mask looks scary.
Doesn't it appear to be smiling?
There are days outdoors when I would not be smiling without it!

The "Outfit"!
And there you have it--at least from head to knees....


But don't forget boots, and they must be lined, waterproof, and warm! 
If head, hands, and feet are warm, you'll be fine.

Options for warmer days
Of course not every winter day is an Arctic day,
and on warmer days a light cap and less bulky mittens will do,
especially in the sun.

Not pictured here are the warm socks or underlayers for body and legs.
The rest of my outdoor kit included 
a folding beach chair (carried in its own case with shoulder strap),
pen, pencils, eraser, and pencil sharpener.