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Monday, November 28, 2011

The Mom and Pop Show

This would be a radio show originating in our living room. Pop would say, "Did you hear about that pepper spray incident?" Mom answers yes. Dad goes on, "I don't even know what an X-box is, do you?" Mom replies, "I have no idea." Pop observes that they are both "really out of it."

Is there an audience for this show?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Another Idea of Staggering Genius

How about strings of solar-powered holiday lights? The little 6-foot pine out at the edge of our acreage would look so pretty with lights on it in winter, but I can't see dragging extension cords through the fields. The lights wouldn't have to be bright-bright-bright. 'Glowing' would satisfy me.

Has anyone beat me to this idea and manufactured the product I want?