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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Is It Just Me?

It can't be. I'm sure most people with a car this nice--even people driving beaters--would want to do a better job parking and not be sticking halfway through a parking lot entrance. Maybe even (revolutionary thought!) park in the lot? No, probably not, because the driver/owner would be afraid of getting a ding. But this hardly looks like a solution to me.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Shopkeeper's Precious Sleep Interrupted

In my dream (or was it a nightmare?), David and I had two retail stores. One sold tobacco, the other soap and toiletries, with a clerk in the latter and a teenage clerk in the former for help. Teenager selling tobacco? I know, I know, but where else would David and I be selling tobacco and soap except in a dream? Well, the moment we opened the doors in the morning, both shops were completely jammed to the rafters with customers, and every single item had to be jotted down and the total tallied up. Then there were the people who hadn’t finished shopping but left piles of items on the counter. “Whose are these? Is she coming back to buy them?” It was pandemonium.

Apparently I was murmuring in my sleep, because David knew I was dreaming. When I woke and described the dream scene, he said, “You’re really going to need a vacation!” Not yet, however. Not yet....

Disclaimer: My bookstore customers are no trouble at all! They are not a nightmare! It was only a dream!