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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Behind the Wheel--Not the Place for Mystery

Question: When are turn signals required to be used and does this include changing lanes?

Answer: MCL 257.648 states in part. "The driver...before stopping or turning from a direct line, shall first see that the stopping or turning can be made in safety and shall give a signal as required...". Common sense and state law agree that whenever you are turning, a signal is required, however, much debate has occurred over whether that language required the use of turn signals when simply changing lanes.

The Michigan Court of Appeals has finally clarified the language in MCL 257.648 requiring the use of a signal when changing lanes, or "turning from a direct line." Their decision--published, and therefore binding on lower courts--states in summary "...a reasonable person of ordinary intelligence is not required to speculate about the phrase's meaning, and MCL 257.648 provides fair notice of what conduct is proscribed. We hold that MCL 257.648 requires drivers to use a turn signal when changing lanes on a highway and is not unconstitutionally vague."

Read more at this government site.

You’re heading north on Waukazoo and turning right onto Nagonaba? Signal the turn. Then you want to turn left onto Mill? Signal the turn. Coming south on Mill and turning either right or left onto Nagonaba? Ditto. Nagonaba onto Waukazoo. Ditto. It does not matter that you are “following the highway.” How would anyone know? Be a man or woman of mystery in the bar at Happy Hour, not behind the wheel.

Friday, June 3, 2011

So Many Questions

The questions are good ones, but I got worn out reading them, and this was not the end of the list, either. Maybe I should just pick one and try to answer it.
Where are you going? What are you seeking? Where are you now? What stage of the journey have you come to? If your life were a book, what would you call it today? What would you entitle the chapter you are in right now? Are you stuck here in certain ways? Can you be fully open to all of the energies at your disposal at this point? - John Kabat-Zinn, Wherever You Go There You Are

What would it mean to have answers to all these questions?